swimming pool and garden pavilion, alexandra gardens, ararat  


This project is to provide change rooms and associated facilities for the soon to be refurbished Ararat Olympic Pool, as well as new public toilets for users of the Alexandra Gardens. The new building is to be sited along the southern edge of the gardens and link the gardens with the swimming pool precinct. Attractive views across Alexandra Lake will be available from the outdoor seating areas adjacent to the swimming pool kiosk and a small café intended to cater for visitors to the gardens. The building has been designed as a simple rectilinear pavilion with a floating roof over the change rooms and other amenities. Battens of weathered hardwood line the elevations facing the gardens, evoking images of the shadehouse that once dominated the northern slopes of the gardens. Water harvesting measures are to be incorporated into the project and the lightweight construction of the kiosk and café structure allow for flexibility to cater for possible expansion in the future.