Site Assessment Studies
Site Assessment Studies evaluate the physical conditions affecting a site and/or existing buildings and the regulatory issues that may apply to a site, including parking implications and open space requirements. This provides property owners with an indication of the constraints and possibilities of the property on which they can base future planning.

Design Feasibility Studies
Following on from a Site Assessment Study, a Design Feasibility Study explores the scope of potential uses for the property and the scale and form of potential buildings and other structures. Estimates of project costs can be prepared to assist in determining the viability of potential projects.

Master planning
A master plan provides an overall view of the future or potential growth of a building or facility, so that staged development can be safely undertaken with minimum loss of amenity or limiting the potential for future development. It will also integrate the built structures with siteworks, landscaping and building services.

Poor planning and insufficient forethought invariably results in poor operational solutions and unnecessary expense through the reconstruction of recently built elements of a project. We strongly believe in the value of good master planning in any project, no matter how large or small.