liardet street

This former workers cottage, which we believe dates from the 1860s, is one of the earliest in the vicinity. It has been modified over the years and our brief was to remove the various additions at the rear and to create a new contemporary living environment for two people with room for visiting family.

Located in the central Port Melbourne Heritage Precinct, the design solution faced several challenges including the sightline requirements of Councils Heritage Design Guidelines, the limited size of the original brick cottage which combined to limit the potential size and height of the addition, and the presence of a 3-storey apartment block on the north-west boundary which created privacy issues and limited solar access to the property. Our solution was to create a courtyard between the cottage and the new living areas to both maximise daylight and to provide an outlook from the living areas. The walls to the first floor merge into the roofline to reduce the visual impact of the upper level and steel cladding is used to distinguish the new work from the old and to provide a distinct identity to the new work.

This project was completed in December 2015.