Coleman Architecture + Heritage is one of the very few practices in Victoria providing specialist in-house heritage consulting services alongside the full range of architectural services. As a result we bring a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented when working with heritage buildings which we use to achieve effective outcomes for our clients.

We provide a range of specialist heritage consulting services that assist with the identification, development and management of heritage places. We can also assist with the master planning, design, construction documentation and contract administration of alterations and additions to heritage buildings or of new buildings to be located in significant heritage sites or precincts (Refer to Site Potential Analysis and Architecture).

Advice + Assessment

General Heritage Advice

Through our extensive experience of the permit process with statutory authorities, we can provide property owners with sound advice as to the implications of the heritage significance of their property, the influence and potential impact of heritage controls on the use and development of their property, and the potential for new work on, or adjacent to, a heritage property. We also undertake reviews of design proposals prepared by other consultants to help develop the most appropriate design response compatible with the heritage controls applicable to the property.

Heritage Assessments
Establishing or clarifying the significance - historic, social, aesthetic and/or technical - of a heritage place.

Often required by Councils and Heritage bodies when the existing information is limited, Heritage Assessments are of great benefit to private and institutional owners in order to establish the heritage status of their property to aid in proper planning for future use and development.

Heritage Impact Statements (HIS)
Identifying and assessing the impact of proposed changes to a heritage place.

A Heritage Impact Statement, also called a Heritage Impact Assessment, specifically addresses the potential impact of proposed changes on a heritage place or its immediate environment. They are often required by Heritage Victoria, Local Government and other authorities to accompany and/or inform permit applications.

Conservation Management Plans (CMP)
The main guiding document for the management and conservation of a heritage place.

A comprehensive document that establishes and/or clarifies the significance of a heritage place and its component parts, a CMP also provides an analysis of its physical condition and policies and strategies for its ongoing management. Often required by federal, state and local authorities prior to approving works to heritage places, a CMP underpins good conservation management and provides property owners with a guide to maintaining their property as well as aiding decision making when planning changes to a heritage place.

Heritage Advocacy and Permit Applications
Guiding owners of heritage buildings through permit application and approvals processes.

Our experience and understanding of the approvals process allow us to guide owners of heritage buildings through the permit application and approval process with Heritage Victoria for places included in the Victorian Heritage Register (VHR), and with planning permit applications included in a Heritage Overlay of local Planning Schemes. We can also assist in the preparation of material required for Planning Panels, VCAT and the Victorian Heritage Council.

Heritage Interpretation

The provision of interpretative panels and/or other material to illustrate the former uses and development of the heritage place, is often a permit requirement for the management of a place and can be prepared or co-ordinated by this office.

+ Adaptation

Condition Surveys

We can undertake detailed assessments of the condition of the fabric of existing buildings from which schedules of conservation works can then be prepared.

Archival Recording of Heritage Places through measured drawings and/or photographic surveys

We can provide archival quality photographic recording of heritage places to carefully record the fabric of a place prior to changes being undertaken. Preparation of basic or detailed measured drawings to record the built structure and/or to use for future documentation can also be supplied.

Conservation advice and documentation

Through many years of experience providing technical advice to owners of heritage places we are well placed to advise on appropriate methods of treatment and/or repair, as well as prepare documentation and organise suitably qualified specialist consultants and tradespeople to undertake the works.

Resolution of regulatory issues such as universal access, emergency egress and services

With our extensive architectural experience on a variety of building types in metropolitan and regional areas, and our understanding of the issues that occur when working with heritage buildings, we have developed a practical and pragmatic approach to resolving complex regulatory issues such as the provision of emergency egress, fire services and universal access. Adapting heritage buildings to comply with current regulatory requirements is a strength of Coleman Architecture + Heritage.

Development of sustainable solutions for heritage places (ESD)

The retention and adaptive re-use of heritage buildings is becoming increasingly recognised as one of the most effective approaches to produce a sustainable future. Reducing demolition waste and the necessity to produce new materials, as well as retaining embodied energy in existing building materials, enables an ongoing and enduring use for heritage buildings. We keep up to date with and employ the most appropriate and/or effective Environmentally Sustainable methods and solutions.