Heritage Advice
Through our extensive experience, including the provision of heritage advice to local councils, we can provide property owners with sound advice as to the potential heritage significance of their property, the influence and potential impact of heritage controls on the use and development of their property, and the potential for new work on or adjacent to a significant heritage property.

Heritage Assessments
A Heritage Assessment, often required by Councils and Heritage bodies, establishes the significance - historic, social, aesthetic, technical - of a heritage place. Heritage Assessments are also of great benefit to private and institutional owners in order to establish the heritage status of their property to aid in proper planning for future use and development.

Heritage Impact Statements (HIS)
A Heritage Impact Statement specifically addresses the potential impact of proposed changes on a heritage place or its immediate environment. They are often required by councils and other authorities to accompany and/or inform the town planning permit application.

Conservation Management Plans (CMP)
A comprehensive document that establishes the significance of a heritage place and its component parts, analyses its physical state and develops policies for its ongoing management. Often required by federal, state and local authorities prior to approving works to heritage places, a CMP underpins good conservation management and provides property owners with a guide to maintaining their property and aids decision making when planning changes to a heritage place.

Interpretation Strategies
The provision of interpretative panels and/or other material to illustrate the use and development of the place is often a requirement for the management of a heritage place and can be prepared or co-ordinated by this office.