COLEMAN ARCHITECTS PTY LTD WAS ESTABLISHED IN 2009 BY IAN COLEMAN, formerly a director of McDonald Coleman Architects Pty Ltd and its predecessor, Paul McDonald & Associates Pty Ltd.


Design Philosophy
Coleman Architects has a design philosophy focused on achieving effective, economical and sustainable solutions that respond to the built and natural environment and our clients' requirements and expectations. We believe that all projects benefit from informed design and draw inspiration from our clients' vision, the immediate environment and the cultural context in which the project is located. We believe that a successful building project integrates architecture, interior design and the surrounding landscape and strive to produce architectural solutions that provide lasting contributions to their immediate environment. We value good design as it results in value for our clients.

Client relationship
We maintain that the success of a project is closely related to the development of strong working relationships with our clients. We value the contribution of our clients and end users to the design process and, whether for a single client, a committee, or a community group, utilise a consultative approach to the development of a project. We have a strong desire to ensure each project contributes to the lives of those who inhabit and use them.

We have a particular expertise in the Heritage area, in the proper conservation of existing structures and the integration of contemporary design solutions within historic settings. We have a strong awareness of history and the place of new structures in the existing built and natural environment. We believe that historic buildings provide opportunity and inspiration for contemporary solutions that respect the past but contribute to the ongoing life of the building.

Materials, systems and sustainable design
We have a long-standing belief in the value of a sustainable approach to architecture and building and have employed passive design principles in our work for over 30 years. We have a commitment to the application of environmentally responsible design and continually explore the use of new and existing materials and systems in innovative and practical ways to maximize the outcome of the project.